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El Pueblo Mexican Food


El Pueblo Mexican Food: A Taste of Tradition

Nestled in the charming coastal town of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, El Pueblo Mexican Food is a hidden gem that transports diners to the heart of Mexico with its authentic flavors and welcoming ambiance. This family-owned eatery has been serving up delicious Mexican cuisine for over 10 years, and it’s become a beloved local institution.

Savoring the Flavors of Mexico

At El Pueblo, you can expect mouthwatering dishes prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Every bite and sip at El Pueblo is a celebration of Mexican culinary heritage. With friendly staff and a relaxing atmosphere, it’s no wonder that El Pueblo Mexican Food has become a go-to spot for both residents and visitors seeking an authentic taste of Mexico in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

El Pueblo Mexican Food

820 Birmingham Drive
Cardiff, California 92007
(760) 230-1771
Open 24 Hours



We are open 24 Hours a day

El Pueblo Mexican Food caters to your cravings around the clock. We are open 24 hours a day, ensuring you can satisfy your hankering for delicious Mexican cuisine whenever it strikes. Whether you’re an early riser seeking a breakfast burrito, a night owl in need of a late-night taco fix, or anyone in between, our doors are always open to serve you. Experience the convenience of enjoying mouthwatering Mexican dishes whenever you Want at El Pueblo Mexican Food.